Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Are there certain rules or ordinances that pertain to the parking of my recreational vehicle on my parcel in a residential zoning district?
 A: Yes, depending on the residential zoning district you live in:
a) Agricultural and Rural Residential District - recreational vehicles have no restrictions.
b) R-1, R-2, & R-3 Residential Districts - recreational vehicles can not be located within any setback of these districts. Please contact the Zoning Administrator if you need verification on what the setbacks are in your district.
 Q: Do I need a permit in order to have a business in my home or accessory building?
 A: Yes, you do need a permit which does have a one-time application fee. Click here to learn more about home based business permits. 
 Q: How big of an accessory building may I have on my parcel?
 A: Initially it depends on the zoning district that a person lives in. Zoning districts area as follows:
a) Agricultural and Rural Residential - you may have up to a 1200 sq. ft. for the first 2 full acres, additional acreage can allow for more square footage.
b) R-1 - the maximum allowed is 792 sq. ft.
c) R_2 - the maximum allowed is 594 sq. ft.
d) R-3 - the maximum allowed is 396 sq. ft.
 Q:  How many dogs can I have on my parcel?
 A: A resident is limited to having three dogs, and they must be licensed through the Kent County Animal Shelter.