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Detailed Table of Contents

Chapter I Title, Purpose and Scope
Chapter II Definitions
Chapter III General Provisions
Chapter IV Zoning Districts
Chapter V A Agricultural District
Chapter VI R-R Rural Residential District
Chapter VII R-1 Low Density Single Family District
Chapter VIII R-2 Medium Density Single Family District
Chapter IX R-3 Medium Density Multiple Family District
Chapter IXA MHC Manufactured Housing Community District
Chapter IXB R-4 High Density Residential District
Chapter X F - Flood Plain District
Chapter XI C-1 Neighborhood Business District
Chapter XII C-2 General Business District
Chapter XIIA HC Highway Commercial District
Chapter XIII I-1 Light Industrial District
Chapter XIV I-2 Industrial District
Chapter XV PUD Planned Unit Development District
Chapter XVA Open Space Preservation
Chapter XVI Special Land Uses
Chapter XVII PMR Planned Mineral Removal District
Chapter XVIII Site Plan Review
Chapter XIX Signs in All Districts
Chapter XX Off-Street Parking and Loading
Chapter XXI Nonconforming Structures, Lands and Uses
Chapter XXII Board of Zoning Appeals
Chapter XXIII Administration, Enforcement and Penalties
Chapter XXIV Amendments
Chapter XXV Ingress and Egress Standards
Chapter XXVI Severability, Repeal and Miscellaneous
Chapter XXVII Broadmoor/Cherry Valley Corridor Overlay District
Chapter XXVIII Landscaping, Screening, Greenbelts, Buffers and Fencing
Chapter XXIX Condominiums and Site Condominiums