Bryan Harrison, Supervisor

Bryan Harrison

So, what does the Township Supervisor do?

In many communities, the Township Supervisor is often the first official contacted about a problem or concern.  Therefore, I have always believed that the ability to listen is the foundation of being able to lead.  

As Township Supervisor I have certain statutory duties (duties defined by state law):

• Moderate Board Meetings

• Secretary to the Board of Review (a citizen board that reviews       property tax levels on your home)

•  Township's Legal Agent (work with the lawyers)

•  The maintenance of all records of the Supervisor's office

•   Adoption of the Township Budget (I work closely with our Treasurer as he is the money man)

•   Appointment of various commission members (let me know if you’d like to serve)

•   Overall management, direction & coordination of the Township operations and activities 

In addition to those defined by law, I have other ongoing responsibilities. Serving on the following committees helps me stay abreast of the many issues that affect our Township on both the local and state level.

•   Public Safety Advisory Committee

•   Caledonia Independence Day Committee

•   Elections Commission

•   Finance Committee

•   Trails, Parks and Recreation Committee

•   Personnel Committee

•   Township Board Chair

•   Water and Sewer Advisory Committee 

As Supervisor, I maintain an open mind, open ear, open door policy.   

It is an honor to serve you and represent you.  I welcome your comments, suggestions; and yes, even complaints.   

Give me a call (318-8216) or let’s meet.  I’m always willing to buy the coffee.  

Bryan Harrison