Staff Directory

You can contact the staff during regular business hours by calling 616.891.0070 or by clicking on the email link below.
If the email link doesn't open, be sure you have set up the default email client on your computer.

Supervisor 211
Clerk Joni Henry 208
Deputy Clerk Christine Bailard 207
Assistant Clerk Stephanie Skidmore 215
Treasurer Richard Robertson 209
Deputy Treasurer/Director of Accounting Marcia Clark 206
Treasurer's Assistant Jean Patterson 205
Planner Lynee Wells 216
Assistant Planner Jean Patterson 213
Assessor Laura Stob 217
Assessing Assistant Katie Roodvoets 202
Administrative Assistant Jean Patterson 205
Receptionist Lorie Kurnat 201
Building/Zoning Coordinator Lois Dekens 891-0442
Building/Code Enforcement Official Gary Campbell 203
Utilities Coordinator Kathy VanKalker 204
Fire Chief Scott Siler 221 
Firefighter Brad Bender 224
Firefighter Mitch Ellis 224
Firefighter Kyle Fennell 223
Firefighter Caleb Huggler 224
Trustee Tim Bradshaw  
Trustee Rick Snoeyink  
Trustee Dale Hermenet  
Trustee Greg Zoller