Automatic Utility Payments

The Caledonia Township Utility Department is now offering an alternative payment option. Customers may now choose to have their quarterly utility payments withdrawn from their checking or savings account through an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Association program. The Township does not charge a fee for this service, however, in some cases, your financial institution may assess you a service charge.

To enroll in this program you must Complete the Automatic Payment Form (PDF), attach a voided check or deposit slip, and return it to:
Caledonia Township
Attn: Utility Department
8196 Broadmoor Avenue SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

Process Timeline

It will take approximately 5 days for the automatic withdrawal to go into effect. The next utility bill will indicate if the enrollment has taken place. Please note that written notification authorizing the Township to terminate this service is required and that ACH transmission will not apply to final water bills. The Township reserves the right to deny or terminate notice of ACH transmission without reason at any time.