Open Burning

Important Burn Permit Information

  • It is preferred that burn permit requests are made the day that you are planning on burning.
  • There is no cost associated with obtaining a burn permit.
  • Burn permits are granted by filling out the online form found at the bottom of this page.
  • Burn permits are not required for small recreational fires kept in a container or ring approximately 4 feet in diameter such as a campfire. Such fires must be attended at all times and extinguished when done for the night.
  • If you have questions call the station at 891-0140. If no one answers the phone please leave a message and we will return the call as soon as possible.

Important Safety Tips to Consider When Burning

  • Remember - Safety first!
  • Never burn material within 30 feet of any structure.
  • Clear all flammable material 15-30 feet away from your burn pile.
  • It is preferred that you have a water supply nearby such as a garden hose or buckets of water.
  • Please be mindful of wind speed and direction. If the wind is strong enough to cause an uncontrollable fire to spread and or if the smoke is bothering your neighbors or going into the roadway please extinguish the fire and try another day.
  • Make sure that the fire is out by dark.
  • Never try to ignite a stubborn fire using gasoline.
  • If the fire from your burn pile gets out of control call 911 immediately and we'll come and help you contain it.
  • If your clothing or someone's nearby catches on fire - stop, drop, and roll! Then call 911 immediately.

Obtain a Permit

Apply for a Burn Permit