Welcome to the Treasurer's Office

The Township Treasurer receives and assumes responsibility for all funds belonging to the Township as well as funds that are required by law to be paid into the Township Treasury. All checking, savings, and investment accounts are overseen by our office. The Treasurer is the township's agent for billing and collection of property taxes as well as any special assessments.

In addition to these statutory duties, the Caledonia Township Treasurer's office prepares and administers the Township budget and is responsible for the general and financial administration of the water, sewer, and building inspection services, which do not involve tax dollars. The Treasurer's office provides essential accounting support for both the governmental and business-like activities of the Township.

Deputy Treasurer Marcia Clark, Assistant Treasurer Jean Patterson and I are here to serve you. We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Richard Robertson D.D.S., Caledonia Township Treasurer