Home Based Business / Home Occupation

Caledonia Township does allow for a resident to have a business in their home, provided that the residents and/or parcel owner obtain a permit from the Township. All information, in regard to the business, must be presented to the Township Zoning Administrator for approval. A business is reviewed and then is assigned to one of two categories; Home Occupation or Home Based Business.

Home Occupation

A Home Occupation can be carried on by one or more members of a family residing on the premises. A maximum of 25% of the total floor area of the home may be used in a home occupation. Additionally, a home occupation is generally considered a minor occupation.

Home Based Business

A Home Based Business can be carried on by one or more of a family residing on the premises, plus not more than one additional non-resident employee. Not more than 25% of the total floor area of the dwelling or not more than 50% of an on-site accessory building shall be used. Additionally, a home-based business is generally considered a major occupation.

Special Land Use Requirement for Home-Based Business

This would be a business that does require Planning Commission approval. They deal with a higher degree of standards, terms, and conditions. They are only allowed in A, R_R, and R_1 zoning districts.