Local Government

The Charter Township of Caledonia Board of Trustees is the legislative body of Caledonia Township. It is comprised of seven members elected by the voting residents of the Township every four years. The officers of the Board are the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and four Trustees. Along with the day-to-day supervision of the Township, the Board sets millage rates for the operations of the Township, approves spending, adopts budgets, resolutions, and ordinances, and votes on other matters that come before the Board. The Township Board also approves the Zoning and Master Plan of the Township.

The Michigan Charter Township Act, Act 359 of 1947, authorizes the incorporation of charter townships; provides the municipal charter, therefore; prescribes the powers and duties thereof, and prescribes penalties and provides remedies. The charter act provides the guidelines for the operation of Caledonia Township. View the complete Michigan Charter Township Act (PDF).

Township government is government at its grassroots level. The other levels of government are County, State, and Federal government.