Fire Department


8192 Broadmoor Avenue
Caledonia, MI 49316




Link: Fire Department Page

Monday through Friday
6 am to 2 pm

The Caledonia Township Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Rings directly to the Fire Department after 4 pm, Monday through Thursday, after Noon on Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bender, Brad Captain/Fire Inspector 616-891-0140, ext. 223  
Bischer, Paul Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Fennell, Kyle Captain 616-891-0140, ext. 223  
Fitzsimmons, James Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Foreman, Trent Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Holland, Tim Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Huggler, Caleb Full-time Firefighter 616-891-0140, ext. 224  
Johnson, Keith Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Kerber, Bobby Full-Time Firefighter 616-891-0140, ext. 224  
Kerber, Brad Captain 616-891-0140, ext. 223  
Kortenhoven, Todd Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Myrick, Chris Full-time Firefighter 616-891-0140, ext. 224  
Overholt, Josh Paid-on-Call Inspector    
Siler, Scott Chief 616-891-0140, ext. 221  
Stalsonburg, Brian Full-time Firefighter 616-891-0140, ext. 224  
Weaver, Maurice Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
White, Mike Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Oakley, Mel Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Horter, Andrew Paid-on-Call Firefighter      
Gross, Hanna Cadet      
Lett, Gabe Cadet      
Hammer, Brendan Cadet